Jul 24, 2007

About me!

In the rush for animclips, I’d forgot to post some things about myself to start the blog.

I'm a 3D artist from Fortaleza, Brazil! I´ve always loved animation since I was kid.
I started to work with computer graphics when I was 11! The very first 3D softwares I used were Autocad R12 and 3D Studio R3 (both for DOS!)
When I went to college, I started using 3dsmax and fell in love with it. I started to work in advertising and my college degree work was about animation. It was a great opportunity to study animation and buy a lot of books about the subject. I studied the history of animation and watched a lot of classic films and started to like animation even more! I decided to focus my CG work in animation, so I can be really good in it.

So, if I want to be a real good animator, that means I still have a LOT to study! I have to improve my drawing skills, study body mechanics, motion, corporal language, understand acting, etc. Besides that I need to learn other CG apps like Maya and XSI... Well, I've been a 3dsmax user for 7 years now! I really like 3dsmax and I think it have its own advantages, but, I need to be able to work with things like Maya if I want to get a Job as a 3D animator! The downside is that after 7 years, I'm feeling like a beginner again! Looking for basic tutorials and reading the help files looking for hotkeys and stuff... just to do things that I already know how to do, but in another package! Well, I started to learn Maya just 3 or 4 days before I entered the animclips contest so, learning a new software was not that hard... =P The "directions" clip was my first animation done in Maya!

Here is a compilation of tests I did while studying animation:

The first is a caricature of myself, then a bouncing ball, a CG Squash & Stretch test with a cylinder, two simple jumps, a pencil and paper walk test and, finally, a kick in the rubber ball! It's a lot of thing for such a short video!

Hope you enjoyed!

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