Jul 15, 2010

Stereo 3D

Well, we're working with stereoscopy here in Ool Digital, and we decided to do an animation to show a character in stereo 3D. So I did this little animation with a very simple rig of a Monkey (it's in my reel too). Now, to test youtube stereoscopic capabilities, I uploaded the "changuito" to see how it looks like. For some reason, the quality of the video is bad (and my source was a perfect quality fullHD) and youtube seems to not understand the 16:9 ratio for some reason, and insists in putting black bars on the sides... really odd... But, anyway, here it is, in full you-tube-esque 3D glory:

PS: I just noticed (after I posted) that the embedded video lacks the 3D options... so, unfortunately, you have to click the video to see the youtube page with all the 3D features available. Or just click here!

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Rafa Grassetti said...

Esse blog ainda existe? ;D

Ei conheço esse macaco! haha

Abraço Alan! De noticias!