Oct 19, 2010

Week 3!

Yeah, week 3 is over... Now some updates!
This week's assignment was to do a simple bouncing ball and a pose that communicates EXCITEMENT.

First things first, I revised last week's pose with my mentor's notes:

Some minor adjustments but they make a big difference!

Then, I started sketching some new ideas for "excitement":

It was hard to decide which one was communicating excitement better, so I experimented with two of them:

But I ended up deciding to go with the simpler and clearer one. So I worked a little more on it.

This is my final image for the assignment:

Now for the bouncing ball:

I experimented a bit but ended up going simple again. It's very important to be simpler and clear, you can learn much more like that. Here's a video with the progression:

So that's it! It was an awesome week and I'm already working in the assignments for the next one! See you soon!

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Paulo Ítalo said...

Go go go, Alanman!
I'm following your updates! :)