Nov 2, 2010

Week 5

So, my assignment for week 5 was another bouncing ball. But this time in an obstacle course, which makes it a lot more fun! And a lot more challenging also...

This week we also had to do another pose. This time communicating DEVASTATION. So here it is:

First, some sketches to experiment with the idea:

And the pose:
There are some small issues with this pose, but you'll see them addressed in my next post with the revision. Overall, I kinda like it!

Now the obstacle course animation! Here's the planning:
The biggest problem was the frame limit. We only have 120 frames for this assignment, and my animation was 150 frames long! So I had to cut out the final settle... sigh.

Here is the final assignment:
And that's it, week 5! See ya next week! Cheers!

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