Aug 20, 2007

Now smoothed!

Smoothed but not finished! It still needs lots of polishing... and that's without mentioning the girl that I've didn't even touched... I had some little problems with this one, had to start it all over from scratch, that's why it took so long, but that's ok since I learned a lot of Maya. How to make hair and fur, lighting, rendering with mental ray, etc... It was pretty cool!

Oh, and I almost forgot! For those of you who use Maya if you want to play with these characters you can find them at highend3d. There are lots of rigs ready to animate there! These two are MooM and Andy. Cheers!


Dini said...

Pretty cool..
So, that's what you've been doing hã? Sweet.

Hope see you soon!

Luana said...

Ficou muito massa ele de punk!
E o "gingado" dele � sensacional tb!!

Roger Capone said...

po escreva em portugues também mula !!!

Alan Starship said...

dini: Yes it is! :D Me too! =)

luana: Brigado luponto! =))

roger: A preguiça impede... hehehe