Aug 23, 2007

CAPONES - Animation

Well, for those who don't know, I have a band and it's called CAPONES. Between 2003 and 2005, I've made some animations for videoclips and DVDs of the band. I created four characters in 3dsmax to caricature the band members and one of them is obviously me! I'll post something again about this character, but for now, you can see some of the animations I did with these guys here:

In this clip, I made everything. From modeling to final edit. The bg music is from "Man or Astro-Man" (GREAT BAND BTW) and the music is "Interstellar Hard Drive".

The animation itself is not good 'cause I wasn't really studying animation (like I am now) at that time. Just 3D in general. But I think the charcters are nice. They're kinda cute... :P

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Anonymous said...

neat, dude. interesting how u made the jump from max to maya... r u doing this month's animclip challenge? best of luck, keep on animating.