May 28, 2008

Tarzan progression

A little video with all the stages of the Tarzan drawing:

Tarzan Progress

May 22, 2008


This is my Tarzan. I did a very rough sketch in paper, and then refined it in photoshop 'til I've got this: (click on the image to enlarge)
Well, I don't know if I'll continue to work on it. I already learned a lot with this one. Maybe I'll add a background or something... I'm also doing a "speed racer" painting, but I'll post that later when I get closer to finish it. Thanks everyone! Cheers!

May 8, 2008

Photoshop again!

Well, I know this is an animation blog... but, in my last non-animated post, I said that I would try something of my own. So, I took some inspiration from Bryan Ballinger and did this paint in photoshop from my own head. The character it's quite funny but this is due to Ballinger's great talent for funny drawings! It's such a great reference! Check his site out and you'll see!

And if you remove the lines, you get this:

Apr 28, 2008

Hammer on

This was a little exercise I did to study weight in animation. I had a little problem with the rig so I didn´t quite finished it like I wanted to... But, it's kinda OK so I thought I should post!


Apr 19, 2008


This is Wall-e! From Pixar's upcoming movie. I decided to try something more like a painting with the tablet. So I took an image from a poster of the movie and made a "painted" version of it in photoshop. I did not put one over the other to trace it. I just looked at the original while painting. But since I don't have any color training, I picked the colors from the original. Next time I will try something of my own! Thanks!

Here's the full image (click to enlarge):

Apr 17, 2008


I bought a little wacom tablet (bamboo) a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to test it by making some drawing. So I did this in photoshop. It´s Remy from Ratatouille!

And here are some separated layers:

If you liked it (or even if you don´t), drop a comment! Thanks!

Apr 4, 2008

Bouncing ball with tail.

An animation I did a while ago (2007 I think) to study some animation principles. Since I never posted it anywhere, I´m posting it here now! =). It´s just a bouncing ball, with a tail, jumping through an obstacle.

Mar 28, 2008

Final entry for 11secondclub

This is the final animation for 11secondclub:

There are little changes in the eyes and hands, and the camera movement was added.
Thanks to all! Bye!

Mar 27, 2008

11 Second Club

Hey, it's almost finished! Well... realy, it still needs a bit of work. But I think it's coming out ok. Check it out:

Go check the voting in a few days in:

Mar 25, 2008


Yeah Hey! First 2008 post! It´s about time!

I´m participating in the animation contest, and here´s my blocking stage for the March entry:

That´s all for now because I´m in a little rush to finish this in time! Thanks everyone!