Jul 31, 2010


From upper left: Shawn Kelly and me; los 3 amigos in the student demoreel review; the Animation Mentor Happy Hour; Godzilla star and me! lol!

Yeah! Siggraph 2010 was great! Sorry for not posting anything during the time I was there, but it was a little difficult to have some free time and internet access... hehehe It was my first time in L.A. and also my first Siggraph, so I was thrilled! The blockbuster scene breakdown was pure awesomeness!! And in the end of the student demoreel review, they announced that the student short films are back and also the new Bishop 2.0! I'll post more pictures later showing all the coolest things I saw there!
See ya!!

Jul 22, 2010


Siggraph 2010 is just around the corner and I'm really excited because, this year, I'm finally going! =D Can't wait to see the animationmentor booth and the demoreel reviews and feature-film scene breakdowns they're doing. It'll be great! If somebody else is going and want to meet there, drop me a line by e-mail or comment here! Any interesting news I found there, I'll be posting here, so stay tuned!
See ya!

Jul 20, 2010

A little more iPad drawing. Now with video!

Having this video playback feature in brushes is cool because you can see that I changed my mind a lot of times while drawing. In the end I decided to make her a little Scarlett Johansson like. Who doesn't love Scarlett Johansson, right?

Animation Mentor!

Hooray! =D So, last week, after almost 3 years dreaming about it, I finally applied to animationmentor.com! I filled the form and answered the short essay questions. Then they sended me a test and a few hours later I got this on my e-mail!

"Congratulations! You've been accepted as a student at Animation Mentor."

Couldn't be happier!! =DD

Jul 19, 2010

We Have Jobs!

I did this about a year ago when I was doing Keith Lango's Animation Personal Trainer. It was a very nice piece to study, but I never rendered or posted it anywhere until now! I don't quite like some acting choices I did at the time, some things too much, others too little, but it was very good for learning that. To change this now would be to re-do everything from scratch, so I'm not changing it... =). Anyway, I like the overall result and I really love the dialogue. It's from "School of Rock", witch is a great and very funny movie! Hope you like it!

Jul 15, 2010

Stereo 3D

Well, we're working with stereoscopy here in Ool Digital, and we decided to do an animation to show a character in stereo 3D. So I did this little animation with a very simple rig of a Monkey (it's in my reel too). Now, to test youtube stereoscopic capabilities, I uploaded the "changuito" to see how it looks like. For some reason, the quality of the video is bad (and my source was a perfect quality fullHD) and youtube seems to not understand the 16:9 ratio for some reason, and insists in putting black bars on the sides... really odd... But, anyway, here it is, in full you-tube-esque 3D glory:

PS: I just noticed (after I posted) that the embedded video lacks the 3D options... so, unfortunately, you have to click the video to see the youtube page with all the 3D features available. Or just click here!

Jul 13, 2010

Digital Finger Painting

Few months ago, I've got myself an iPad, and I couldn't find a better use for it than painting. Of course is not like Photoshop with a Wacom tablet but it's really portable! I bought this very good app called Brushes and started to test this new portable painting/sketching system. Really cool! =D

New Demo Reel 2010

Ok, so a little update: I'm living in Mexico now and working for a recent started company called Ool Digital. I just put together a new DemoReel to be presented in Ool's website. Hope you like it!

Jul 12, 2010

Hey blogspot! I'm alive!

It's been a loooooong time... How have you been? I think we can put our differences behind us... for science!